Who We Are

Who is Anissa?

Anissa M. Lampley is Principal Consultant of Spectrum Paradigm Consulting & Services, a creative brand identity design practice. She not only creates brand packages, but navigates entrepreneurs, small business owners, and organizations by way of brand education. She guides with the understanding that branding is more than a logo or marketing tactic, it’s the relationship created in the hearts and minds of audiences through consistency and continuity of all brand components, including your personal brand.

With more than 25 years of organizational leadership and operational management experience, Anissa has cultivated a keen eye for how businesses become inundated with inefficiencies, cross-purposes and miscommunication — and how they can redesign for more strategically consistent and focused business brands. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering Technology from Purdue University and a master’s in Organizational Management from University of Phoenix. Her uniquely seasoned wisdom and knowledge derives from a broad spectrum of paradigms through corporate giants, third-party logistics companies, ownership of a real estate investment group, affiliate marketing, and network marketing.

The year 2010 unveiled other gifts & talents in graphic designing. It was through this self-discovery process that Anissa’s new identity and rebranding produced passion and a paradigm shift towards entrepreneurship, brand consulting and brand identity designs. As part of this evolving conglomerate, Lampley is known as a speaker who informs and evokes change in her audience. She currently serves on the Advisory Board of Directors for Quad County African American Chamber of Commerce and previously on the Board of Directors in addition to starting the Chamber’s Women of Influence Network.

Her gifts and desire to give, learn, teach, and motivate has brought her before great people on life’s journey with greater opportunities to connect with like-minded people, mentor the next generation, and pursue broader conceptions of creativity.

Spectrum Paradigm Consulting & Services was conceived 2011 through an illumination derived from the principle definition and vision concept of a Prism.

Webster’s dictionary states that, in optics, a prism is a 3-D transparent element used to separate white light passing through its surfaces into a spectrum of multi-colored beams. This definition became the perspective in which I now apply to my everyday life, From A Prism Perspective™.

Let me explain.

I, Anissa, made the choice to adopt this principle for Brand Identity Empowerment in moving forward as a person, an entrepreneur and business owner. I began to envision how the white light of the Hope of Glory shined through my dark REALITY of disappointments into the PRISM of is my life. From this perspective illuminated a SPECTRUM of business opportunities and possibilities for my future brand that was parallel but different from my past brand.  I actually experienced a major PARADIGM shift.

I discovered clarity From A Prism Perspective™ of who I am, what my purpose is, how I am to serve, and who I am to serve. Out of this understanding our name and logo was creatively designed and Spectrum Paradigm Consulting & Services was birthed.

We use this same perspective to help our clients design their true brand identity as well.

Today, I am able to create a legacy and inheritance for my children’s children by inviting Shirah to join the team of creatives with her gifted abilities as well.

Our mantra is based on a biblical principle in the Book of Hosea that speaks on “multiplied visions being spoken through people and used as parables by the service of people.”

Thus, we believe “Success…through Multiplied Visions” when “Your Brand Visions Become Our Visions”.