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We SPEAK on An Empowered Brand Identity The PLAND Process Multiplied Visions for Multi-Purpose to EVOKE you into action.

Anissa speaks on many topics of brand education From A Prism Perspective™. The topics are insightful, informative, motivational, and inspirational. They are based on business expertise that add value to the marketplace through being evoking and relational.

She gives audience members insight into how their personal brand affects all aspects of their life. Not only will attendees learn the importance of branding, Anissa will reveal some of the processes that helped her expand her brand. The techniques shared can be applied to personal branding as well as to the branding of business, products, and concepts.

  • Whole Beauty Now!: Inner, Outer, Relational

    The beauty of wholeness exist when you discover the gifts and talents in you and those around you that create desired brand success stories.
    Understand the connection between the inner beauty, the outer beauty, and the relational beauty of yourself that will lead to greater sustainable rewards both monetary and non-monetary.

  • Being Rebranded: A Reformed Woman

    Be that brand you were designed to be!
    “Something familiar can be fatal if you see yourself as being what you were rather than understanding what you can become.” – Anissa M. Lampley

    Sometimes you have to lose your old brand identity in order to become a new empowered brand identity. In contrast to previous experiences,a Rebranded desire is to get what you need – a sense of personal worth and brand value.

  • Empowered Brand Identity

    Having an Empowered Brand Identity From A Prism Perspective™ requires developing an inner relationship that creates Four powerful key perspectives for brand success.

  • Who are you? Who do they say you are?

    Brand Identity vs. Brand Image, do you understand the difference?
    Your Brand Identity is who YOU say you are and your brand image is who THEY say you are. Is there consistency?

  • The PLAND Process

    The differences between people and businesses are their discoveries.
    Understanding your brand identity from conception to inception creates uncommon achievers.

    Learn 10 Steps to doing business strategically to set you apart and give you the edge for success.

  • Mutiplied Visions for Multi-Purpose

    Your brand identity has multiplied visions for multi-purpose delivered on multiple levels.
    Your methods may be expressed in many different ways, but in essence, what you do never changes once you discover your true brand identity and purpose.

  • Critical Success Factors in Managing Your Brand

    Your Brand Identity is more than just your logo or marketing. IT’S WHO YOU ARE!  Understand Six Essential Components for business and personal success.

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